How to Buy a Motability Car

by Paul Cartmell

According to the U.K. government's DirectGov website the Motability scheme is a charitable organization in the U.K. Motability gives disabled people receiving the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disabled Living Allowance or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement the chance to own or lease a new car using subsidies and grants provided by Motability.


The Motability website reports vehicles can be purchased from any of the 4,500 Motability accredited car dealerships in the U.K. Each accredited dealership has at least one Motability specialist who can assist the applicant on which cars are available on the scheme.


Once the applicant has decided on a Motability vehicle the dealerships Motability specialist completes the application and ordering of the vehicle online, according to the Motability website. The applicant must provide evidence of identity including their driver's license and the letter of entitlement to the Motability scheme.


Motability reports the car dealership Motability specialist organizes the insurance for the vehicle when a delivery date has been agreed upon. The price of the vehicle and any adaptation fees are guaranteed under the Motability scheme to remain the same upon delivery as they were quoted during the application process.

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