How to Buy Methanol

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Methanol can power heavy-duty trucks, transit buses and race cars. You can purchase it from several types of distributors, but it may take some perseverance to find a distributor in your area. Methanol comes from natural gas and so its price fluctuates along with the price of natural gas.

Decide if you want to buy methanol by the gallon or the drum. If you choose by the gallon, get the proper storage containers. Gas cans work well, but be sure to label them clearly with "Methanol" so that no one confuses it with gasoline.

Look under "Automotive racing" or "Petroleum distributors" when searching for distributors. Try other key words if needed, such as "auto," "fuel," "gasoline," "racing," "performance," petroleum, or "wholesale."

Contact chemical distributors if your search for automotive racing and petroleum distribution leads nowhere. Chemical distributors serve either researchers or industrial customers. Try to find a distributor for industry, as their prices tend to be better.

Be aware that distributors may be concerned about why you want to purchase methanol. You may have to demonstrate to them that you intend to use it as fuel and that you aren't planning to use it for making methamphetamine.


  • check Handle and store methanol using the same precautions you would for gasoline.


  • close Make sure your storage containers are corrosion free and damage resistant. Methanol is flammable and corrosive, so you do not want it to leak.
  • close Do not inhale methanol fumes and do not allow methanol to contact your skin directly.

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