How to Buy Goodyear Tires

by Michael Cantrell

Goodyear is one of the most trusted brands of tire manufacturers on the market and are known for creating quality products. Tires are an extremely important part of keeping your car running smoothly as well as keeping yourself and your passengers safe. That is why it is important to make sure that you get the right type of Goodyear tires for your vehicle.

Visit a local tire shop, dealer or mechanic shop that sells Goodyear tires. You will probably want to call around first to make sure that the shop carries the Goodyear brand before taking your car in to get new tires.

Find out what size you will need your Goodyear tires to be in order to properly fit on your vehicle. You can find the size of your tire by looking on the sidewall of the tire. There will be a serial number located on the sidewall, which you will need to give to the mechanic.

Determine what type of load range your tires will have to be. The load range is usually the letter that is found on your tires. In order to get the right Goodyear tires you will need to make sure they are capable of bearing the weight of the car properly.

Locate your tire's speed rating. The speed rating will tell you about how fast you can travel in the car before your tire reaches its maximum stress and blows. The letters are usually Q,R,S,T,H,V and ZR. Make sure that the Goodyear tires you purchase have the same speed rating as your current tires to ensure safe travel.

Examine the Goodyear tires to find a set of tires that have an excellent treadware grade. The higher the grade the thicker the tire will be and typically the longer it will last.

Pay for your Goodyear tires and have the mechanics replace your tires for you.

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