How to Buy Car Wash Machines

by Jerry Garner

Running a car wash is an ideal business for many people. It is a very low-maintenance enterprise where customers can usually take care of themselves. Having an automatic car wash is also an ideal accompaniment to many other businesses, such as gas stations, car dealerships and quick-lube centers. Whether you are setting up a new car wash from scratch, or just replacing an outdated piece of equipment at an existing car wash, buying the machines is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these easy steps to buy car wash equipment.

How to Buy Car Wash Machines

Set a budget for your purchase. Car-wash machines come in a variety of price ranges, some of them very expensive. This makes it easy for buyers to quickly find themselves in a position of spending much more money than they intended. Setting a firm budget and sticking to it will help your finances stay under control.

Determine what car-wash equipment you need. Survey the space you have available and determine how many automatic and manual car-wash bays you will have and how many vacuum stations you have room for.

Compare different brands of equipment. Different car wash companies have different features and different price points for machines that may be similar on the surface. Comparing these companies will allow you to make an informed decision about which machines to buy. “Autec Car Wash Systems” and “Oasis Car Wash Systems” are two popular vendors. Links to both of these companies can be found in the “Resources” section below.

Consider buying used car-wash machines. Car Wash Consignment is a company that matches buyers and sellers of used car-wash equipment. Buying used machines from someone who is selling or upgrading their car wash is a great way to save money. The equipment usually has nothing wrong with it, or perhaps needs only minor repairs. The money that you save usually makes the option worthwhile for most car-wash operators. For a link, see below.

Place your order. After coming to a decision about what specific equipment you would like to order, all that is left is for you to place the order and schedule an appointment to have the car wash machines installed.


  • check If you are setting up a new car wash from scratch, you may want to look into using a package solution that will provide everything you need at the lowest possible price. “Hill and Foss” is one company that specializes in integrated car wash business systems.

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