How to Buy a Car With a Provisional License

by Neal LitherlandUpdated May 30, 2018
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Items you will need

  • Down payment

  • Credit history

A provisional license is a license that's in the gray area between a learner's permit and a full driver's license. Provisional licenses act as a regular driver's license with some restrictions as the driver hasn't yet proved that he/she should have access to a full driver's license. Of course, having a license without a car does the driver no good. Fortunately, buying a car with a provisional license is an easy thing to do.

Find a car you wish to purchase. You can shop around at local dealers or buy through the Internet.

Work out a payment plan with the dealer and get a loan if necessary. If you're a young person with a provisional license then you may not have much of a credit history built up yet. This means you'll have a higher interest rate, and likely a higher down payment on your vehicle. You can skip the loan process entirely if you can pay the balance of the car up front.

Drive your car off the lot. If you have a provisional driver's license then you have to be sure that when you drive your new car you are within the limits set by the license, such as passenger age and time of day.


You can buy a car without a license at all. You simply cannot drive the car you've purchased if you don't have a license, provisional or otherwise.


You will need to get insurance, license plates and all of the other legal red tape taken care of at the local Department of Motor Vehicles once you've purchased your car.

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