Bully Nerf Bars Install Instructions

by Lauren Treadwell

Nerf bars are long metal sections of tubing that are usually installed on the sides of trucks and sports utility vehicles, where they serve as foot supports for climbing in and out. Bully is a specific brand that produces Nerf bars, which are also referred to as sports bars, tube steps, step bars and side steps. Bully Nerf bars typically come in a black powder, polished stainless or chrome finish, and can feature oval steps and other gripped footing surfaces for increased traction. Installation is usually a straightforward and simple process.

Installation With Existing Frame Holes

Nerf bars are designed so that you can mount them to the frame of your truck or SUV. While some are long enough just to cover the cab (so drivers and passengers can climb in and out easily), other Nerf bars reach from tire to tire, giving you better access to your cargo bed (if you have one). In either case, a lot of weight will be put on these bars, so it is important to secure them properly. According to RealTruck.com, Bully Nerf bars utilize preexisting holes in your vehicle's frame, so you will not have to measure and drill your own holes. Make sure that you purchase Nerf bars that are compatible with your particular model of vehicle, either by reading the product literature carefully or by talking with a salesperson. According to CustomAutoTrim.com, Bully Nerf bars will come with all the mounting hardware you will need, such as bolts, nuts and washers. You simply need to line up the corresponding holes on your Nerf bars and on your vehicle's frame and insert screws. You can tighten on bolts--placing washers in between--using a manual or socket wrench.

Installation Without Existing Frame Holes

In some rare instances, your vehicle may not be equipped with factory-made holes in the frame, or the holes that are there do not correspond to any Bully Nerf bars on the market. This may be because your truck or SUV is extremely old, or because the model was recalled, is defunct or is foreign. If this is the case with your vehicle, you will have to drill your own holes in the bottom of its frame (while this may require extra work, on the upside you will not be limited by having to choose a model-specific set of bars). You will need to transfer the hole locations on your Nerf bars to the underside of your vehicle's frame. One way to do this is to have a friend hold the bars in place, while you color in the holes with chalk, or mark them with a sharp-tipped instrument. Next you will need to carefully drill out the holes with a power drill, using a twist drill bit (which has grooves twisting around it). You can then attach your Bully Nerf bars using the mounting hardware provided.

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