How to Build a Pick Up Truck Canopy

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I can tell you how to construct a pickup canopy with easy instructions

First take out the eye bolts and replace with 8" bolts 3/8" and replace the whole tiedown into the holes in the pickup. Put the two 2x4 as bottom rails over the tiedown blocks and mark the holes to drill for the tiedown bolts.

Drill out all the holes in 1/2" drill bit or paddle bit for both sides. Now figure how high you want the canopy to be from the bottom rails you drilled. cut eight 2x4 in the height size you want. mark off four centerlines for uprights along rails and screw them in a butted fit, with the 4" Lag bolts pre drill these holes in 1/4" so wood wont split.

Now put another 2x4 the same length as the bottom rails on the uprights and predrill and Lag bolt them together, use washers under the Lag bolts.Use support corner brackets to help support the corners. Or "L" brackets. Put on the sealing tape on top of the pickup walls.

Now put the completed frame on to the tiedown bolts and put washers and nuts on and tighten down. Do the same for the other side. Put two 2x4" treated across the back by the cab from one side to the other with 4" deck screws

Put the sheet of plywood on top and screw down with the 1-1/2" deck screws apr 12" apart or closer. And finish enclosing the sides with plywood or grateing depending on your use of the canopy. And frame the back with a door if you want it all enclosed.


  • check Be careful when using power tools, if you don't use them too much, you may not be ready for any kickbacks of the circular saw and drill.


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