How to Build Your Own Car

by Michael Cantrell

Model cars come in varying makes and styles. Most model kits allow you to paint the car as well as decide what type of external and internal designs you want to include. Putting together a model car is easy for just about anyone.

Choose the type of model kit you want to build. Choose a snap tight car model, where all the pieces just snap together. Alternately, choose a model kit where the pieces are more intricately assembled. If this is your first time building a model car, you may want to go with the snap tight.

Look over the diagram and check your model kit to make sure it has all the pieces you need to build your car. If any pieces are missing from your kit return the product, or call the manufacturer and have the missing parts delivered.

Wash each of the plastic sprues that have the model parts attached to them. This will remove any substances that may have gotten on the model parts when the parts were molded and attached to the sprue. Do not remove any parts from the sprue until you are ready to use them in the construction of your model.

Remove all of the pieces of the engine block, paint them and glue them together. Make sure to paint each piece the appropriate color before you apply any glue. It is nearly impossible to paint all the small details of the engine block after it is assembled. Use a chrome colored paint to give the car's engine a nice shine.

Take all of your interior pieces off the sprue and paint them. The interior pieces include the car seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and gear shift. You will want to paint these now before you assemble the car chassis. This makes it easier to be more detailed in your paint job.

Cut away the pieces that make up the under carriage of the car chassis. Paint the under carriage and glue the axles on to it.

Glue all of the interior pieces on the top side of the under carriage in their appropriate places. Model car pieces are usually numbered and so are the locations the pieces are to be glued to. This keeps you from gluing a piece in the wrong place, but be careful to make sure you place pieces in the proper locations.

Glue the engine block to the appropriate location on the chassis under carriage. Hold it in place until the glue dries.

Cut away the car chassis from its sprue, paint it, and glue it down on top of the undercarriage, making sure to fit it snugly over the interior pieces. This is the perfect time to not only paint the car the color you want, but to also place decals and other designs on the chassis as well. Give the chassis a day or two to dry after you paint it. When you are ready to glue the chassis, firmly hold it in place until the glue dries.

Assemble the wheels and tires and glue them on to the axles.

Place your newly completed car model in a glass display case or shelf.

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