Buick Rendezvous Electrical Issues

by Rob Kemmett
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Although the production lifespan of the Rendezvous was short, the list of electrical problems that it offered its owners was not. The Rendezvous is a mid-size crossover SUV that was manufactured by Buick between 2002 and 2007. During its production run, the Rendezvous was given negative reviews by its drivers, many of whom complained about electrical shorts and wiring problems.

Dashboard Lights

According to customer complaints logged by RepairPal.com and AllWorldAuto.com, the dashboard lights will illuminate for no apparent reason. Similar complaints have been made at CarSurvey.org, where customers have complained that warning lights, such as the "Hot Coolant" and "Check Engine" lights, will illuminate, even when further inspection by a mechanic reveals there is nothing wrong with the car.


Complaints logged by AllWorldAuto.com and RepairPal.com note that the fuses will have to be replaced in the Rendezvous on a frequent basis. The factory-installed fuses tend to blow prematurely and will need to be replaced. Even the replacement fuses blow frequently. Fuses are relatively inexpensive, but customers complained about the annoyance involved with consistently having to replace the fuses more often than they should.

Ignition System

Rendezvous owners on CarSurvey.org and AllWorldAuto.com have reported that the ignition system and its wiring electrical have kept their vehicles from starting. In 2004, General Motors recall No. 05014 warned owners of the Rendezvous' faulty electrical ignition system and offered replacement parts at Buick dealerships.

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