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The Boston Whaler 13.5's Specifications

by Scott Knickelbine

Boston Whaler never made a boat with an official designation of 13.5; however, its enormously popular 13 Standard, produced with a few variations from 1958 to 1989, had a hull length of 13 feet 4 inches, so it's easy to get confused if you're trying to figure out the model with a tape measure. Boston Whaler brought the 13 Standard back for a limited production run to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 1998.


The Boston Whaler 13 Standard has a length of 13 feet 4 inches and a beam of 5 feet 5 inches. The hull has a 6-inch draught. It has a dry weight of 320 lbs.


The 13 Standard seats six people, with a total cargo capacity of 1,200 lbs. and a swamp capacity of 1,600 lbs.

Motor Requirements

Boston Whaler recommended that the outboard motor for the 13 Standard be at least 9 horsepower and no greater than 20 horsepower. Boats built before 1972 required a motor with a 15-inch shaft length; those built after require a 20-inch shaft length.

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