How to Blow the Water Lines out in RV Campers

by C.L. Rease

Winterizing your recreational vehicle (RV) protects your RV from the damage of freezing temperatures. Water left in your RV's water tanks and water lines expands when frozen. This expansion exceeds the diameter of the water lines and water tank, causing damage to the water system of your RV. This kind of damage on your water system may result in hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage. Properly removing water from the water system of your RV eliminates water expansion.

Drain the water from your water system. Open the drain plug of your RV's water system. Allow the water to drain from the water system. Reinstall the drain plug.

Place the blow out plug securely in the city water inlet of the RV. Turn the blow out plug clockwise to thread the plug into the water system of your RV.

Attach the end of the air compressor onto the end of the blow out plug.

Turn on the air compressor. Open one faucet inside of the RV. Allow the air to run through the water system until no water blows from the open faucet. Close the open water faucet. Remove the blow out plug from the city water inlet. Replace the cap on the water inlet.

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