How to Find a Car Bill of Sale That's Printable

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A car bill of sale that's printable is really helpful when you need to sell your vehicle and want to transfer ownership of it. Having a car bill of sale that's printable can notate when the sale happened and the price of the car as well so that you have appropriate documentation. Look at the rest of this piece for further information on how to find a car bill of sale which is printable.

In many cases you may be able to download a car bill of sale that's printable from the government driver and vehicles services website where you live. This is a nice way to do it because you know that you're getting the official word and form right from the people who will handle the transfer of your vehicle title.

Other times a car bill of sale that's printable can be acquired on other sites which aren't necessarily affiliated with your local driver and vehicles services department. They either provide a state specific one or just a general car bill of sale that has some basic things on it. Just make sure you check with your state because some states only allow the transfer of ownership to be completed on the actual motor vehicle title and don't recognize a bill of sale as a legal document.

Once you find a car bill of sale that's printable and works well for you too, print it out and fill in the blanks with all of the information from your car including vin number, and your full name as well as the purchasers name and address and any other relevant information along with the price that the car was sold for.

Another good idea when dealing with a car bill of sale that's printable or even a motor vehicle title is to write the time down on the document that the car was sold and have both parties initial it. This is to protect yourself if they go and do some damage with the car, then you have proof that you sold it to them. Again, make sure to check with your local laws to be specific on what you need to protect you and what is required for ownership transfer as these are suggestions and the opinion of the author.

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