How to Get Better Mileage With a 6.7 Diesel Dodge Cummins

by Arthur Barnhouse
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The 6.7-liter diesel engine manufactured by Cummins for the Dodge Ram pickup is a powerful engine, capable of 350 horsepower and up to 650 pounds of torque. First released in 2007, the engine is an inline 6-cylinder with 24 valves and, according to Cummins, "one of the cleanest diesel engines available on the market." Of course, with all this power, the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel isn’t going to astound anyone with its fuel economy. This does not mean, however, that you can’t help your Cummins engine to perform more efficiently.

Drive mindfully

Step 1

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Drive your truck with fuel economy in mind. This simply entails such things as obeying the speed limit, gradually picking up speed when starting out from a stop, and anticipating your stops ahead of time, rather than waiting until the very last second to hit the brakes. Keeping these details in mind while you’re driving will help your 6.7 Cummins diesel conserve fuel, and will help you save money at the pump.

Step 2

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Schedule regular maintenance for your 6.7-liter diesel engine. It stands to reason that an engine that is properly maintained will also run more efficiently. To accomplish this, change the oil at the intervals suggested in your owner’s manual. When changing the oil, try one of the premium synthetic oils that are on the market. A good synthetic will reduce friction and wear, and thereby increase fuel mileage. Remember to check your tires for proper inflation. Also, change the oil in the differential and transfer case (especially if you’ve never done so and have a high mileage truck).

Step 3

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Replace the manufacturer’s air filter and intake with a diesel performance air filter and intake. This new and enhanced filter will supply your 6.7-liter diesel with a greater supply of cleaner air. An engine that can breathe easier will ultimately waste less fuel.

Step 4

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Tear out your old, stock exhaust system and have it replaced it with a performance-based exhaust system. Not only must your 6.7-liter Cummins be capable taking in clean air, it must be able to efficiently expel exhaust fumes. A performance-based exhaust is wider than Dodge’s system, thus making it easier for the engine to push out the exhaust.

Step 5

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Install a performance module or performance chip specifically designed for diesel engines. This new module will replace the original supplied by Dodge and electronically adjust your 6.7-liter diesel to operate with more power and fuel efficiency. In a test on a comparable diesel engine, Diesel Truck World found that, after installing a performance module, the Dodge Ram truck saw an increase of 16 percent in fuel efficiency.

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