What Is a Battery Maintainer?

by Mark Vallet

A battery maintainer can be a very useful device if you are storing a boat or vehicle. A flat battery can be both inconvenient and expensive to fix. Battery maintainers are an excellent example of solar power being put to be good use.

Battery Maintainer Definition

A battery maintainer is a device that is used to ensure that a vehicle will start after it has not been used for a considerable amount of time. It is basically a trickle charger that helps a battery maintain a charge while sitting dormant. Battery maintainers are available in plug-in and solar models.

Common Uses of Battery Maintainers

Battery maintainers are often used on vehicles or watercraft that are used on an irregular basis. A few examples would be a motor home that sits in storage for months at a time, or a boat that is only used in summer. Classic cars and motorcycles are other examples of vehicles that are not started on regular basis.

The Need for Battery Maintainers

If a vehicle is not started on a regular basis, the battery will eventually go flat. It will then require a jump-start or a charge, both of which can lower the lifespan of the battery. If left flat long enough a battery will need to be replaced, which can be expensive.

Solar and Plug In

Solar battery maintainers are basically a photovoltaic cell. It converts the sun's rays into low wattage electricity. They do not require an electrical outlet to work, which makes them ideal for vehicles stored outside. A plug-in maintainer requires an electrical outlet and trickle-charges the battery to maintain the charge level.

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