How to Balance Semi Tires

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You see them every day as you drive down the highway, giant vehicles that are used to distribute our goods and food. As drivers on the road we are extra careful not to get in the way of these trucks. As it is, we see so many accidents involving semi trucks because they are big and bulky. It is important that the driver is in-tune with his truck because even the smallest issue can cause a giant problem. This is why it is so important that the tires on these semi trucks are balanced correctly. This job requires the use of specialized truck tire tools. It should take you about an hour to balance your semi truck tires.

Step 1

Park your semi truck on level ground and set the brakes.

Step 2

Block the front and back side of one of the tires you are not working on yet by setting one of the 4x4 blocks in front of a tire and one behind the same tire.

Step 3

Jack up one of the wheels by positioning the big rig jack under the axle and jacking it up. Slide the jack stand under the axle for extra security.

Step 4

Remove the lug nuts with the lug nut wrench by placing the end over the nut and turning the nut counterclockwise.

Step 5

Inspect the operation of the truck bubble balancer. Notice how it works with the plate on top. You will see that there is a bubble in the middle of the balancer. This bubble area looks very much like a carpenter's level. You will also see that the balancer has a control lever on the side. This is used to raise the wheel into the balancing mode.

Step 6

Place the semi tire on the balancer plate so that you can see the bubble area through the center of the wheel. Push the lever to raise the tire into the balancing mode.

Step 7

Notice the position of the bubble. The idea is to get that bubble into the center. Lay wheel weights on the tire until you get the bubble in the middle.

Step 8

Install the wheel weights using the weight hammer at the locations on the wheel that center the bubble.

Step 9

Replace the tire on the truck and install the lug nuts with the big rig lug wrench.

Remove the jack stand and lower the jack. Repeat for the other tires on the truck.

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