How to Aim Fog Lights

by Abaigeal Quinn

Fog lights can be crucial during hazy conditions, increasing visibility to help you avoid accidents and better navigate the road. Unfortunately, they can be extremely dangerous to other drivers if improperly aimed into oncoming traffic. Most fog lights are mounted beneath the front bumper to help minimize the glare for both you and other drivers. A quick test and a few simple adjustments will help you to properly aim fog lights.

Step 1

Make sure the car has a half tank of gas or more and is carrying its usual weight in the trunk. A person should be seated in the driver's seat that is close to or equal the normal weight of the most frequent driver.

Step 2

Check your tire pressure to ensure there is proper inflation in the tires.

Step 3

Find a solid wall surface you can measure the beam of your regular headlights against. Position the car on a level surface so the nose of the vehicle is 25 feet away from the wall.

Step 4

Turn on your regular headlights and mark the wall horizontally with tape or a marker in the center of the two headlight beams.

Step 5

Turn off your headlights. Keep the car at the same distance and turn on your fog lights.

Step 6

Position fog lights so the tops of the beams rest four inches below the center mark you made from your regular headlights on the wall. Fog lights should be facing directly forward, never to the left or the right.

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