How to Adjust a Tecumseh Carburetor

by Carl Pruit
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Small engines are used in everything from lawnmowers to motorcycles. One of the most versatile and rugged is the Tecumseh motor. Easy to use and easier to maintain, this motor can run for a long time. Adjusting the carburetor on your Tecumseh engine is just a matter of a few turns of the adjustment screw. Tune-ups are very simple. You will be able to adjust your Tecumseh carburetor in just a few short minutes and have your engine running smoothly again.

Step 1

Locate the adjustment screw on your Tecumseh engine. It should be on the side of the barrel of your carburetor.

Step 2

Turn the adjustment screw clockwise until the needle valve is closed and seated at the bottom. Make sure you do not overtighten or you will damage the valve.

Step 3

Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise 1 1/2 turns.

Step 4

Turn the engine on and let it warm up about five minutes.

Step 5

Turn the adjustment screw clockwise until the engine is just about to die.

Step 6

Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise until the engine is about to stall out from too much fuel.

Step 7

Turn the adjustment screw back clockwise to the midpoint between too little fuel and too much fuel.

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