How to Adjust Polaris ATV Valves

by Editorial Team

Keeping your Polaris ATV in tip-top shape means you must do some maintenance on the engine. One of these tasks is adjusting the valves on the Polaris ATV. These tips will help you keep your ATV running for a long time.

Step 1

Keep track of the hours of operation on your Polaris ATV. You'll see in your service manual that it specifies that your valves should be serviced every 100 hours. It is necessary to inspect your valves at these recommended intervals to ensure that your Polaris ATV continues to run efficiently.

Step 2

Pull the side panel off from the Polaris ATV so you can access the valves. Set it aside where it can remain clean and out of your way.

Step 3

Unfasten the nine 8 millimeter head bolts that secure the valve cover using the tool of your choice. A socket wrench works well. Make sure you have the properly sized socket that will match the size of the head bolts. The sockets need to be in measured in millimeters and not inches.

Step 4

Replace the gasket for the valve cover when you are done adjusting the valves for the Polaris ATV, because, more often than not, it will tear.

Step 5

Look at the four valves for the Polaris ATV and their corresponding adjusters.

Step 6

Make sure that the valves of the Polaris ATV are each adjusted at 6000th's clearance. You can make the adjustment at the screw arm with a screwdriver. If the valves are too tight, they do not function properly.

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