How to Adjust the Clutch in a Saturn VUE

by Editorial Team

It is possible to do some work on the Saturn VUE's clutch, even though it's technically self-adjusting, such as fill the reservoir or bleed the system. If necessary, you can even replace work clutch components. All of these tasks will improve the performance of your clutch.

Step 1

Check the level of the fluid in the Saturn VUE's reservoir, which is located on the left rear of the engine bay. By filling the reservoir and pumping the clutch pedal, you help to restore the hydraulic pressure in the system so the clutch performs properly. If the level in your reservoir varies, this may be the sign of a leak in the reservoir itself, the lines or the master and slave cylinders. Replace or repair any leaking parts.

Step 2

Bleed the clutch of the Saturn VUE if filling the reservoir doesn't improve your clutch's performance. You may have air bubbles in the lines. Attach one and of a rubber hose to the bleeder valve of the slave cylinder (near the clutch housing), and put the other into a clear container that holds clutch fluid. Open the valve, and have someone step on the clutch pedal a few times. When you don't see any more air bubbles in the clear container, you can close the valve, and add more fluid in the reservoir if needed.

Step 3

Put in a clutch kit. These are available for your Saturn VUE through retailers and online. The kits include a clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing and throwout bearing. Because these parts of the Saturn VUE's clutch wear over time, it's worth upgrading these parts instead of just replacing them.

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