How to Adjust the Clutch in a Kia Spectra

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The Kia Spectra's reliability is what endears it to its owners. At times, however, you will need to have work done on your clutch. For the most part, you can do it yourself.

Check the level of the clutch fluid in the Kia Spectra's reservoir that's located in the rear left of the engine bay. The Kia Spectra actually used the brake master as its source of fluid for the clutch. Add fluid to the recommended level if it's low, then pump the clutch pedal to restore the pressure in the line. If the fluid level doesn't remain the same, you might have a leak in the system. Replace or repair any leaking parts.

Adjust the height of the clutch pedal by turning the knob at the top of the pedal of the Kia Spectra. This changes the point at which the pedal engages. Test the pedal and tighten the adjuster knob when you are done.

Bleed the clutch to remove any air bubbles from the system. Open the bleeder valve that's located on the slave cylinder (near clutch housing) and insert a tube. Put the other end of the tube into a clear container with clutch fluid. Pump the clutch pedal until you don't see any air bubbles in the container. Replace the fluid in the brake master cylinder.

Inspect the components of the Kia Spectra's clutch: the flywheel, pressure plate and disc. Replace the clutch components if they're worn.

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