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How to Adjust Brake Pedal Height in a Ford F-Series

by Contributor

The Ford F-Series truck is popularly billed as a rugged, heavy duty work truck. Problems with your brake pedal height may present a potentially dangerous situation, especially if you're lugging a heavy load. You can adjust your pedal height without too much hassle.

Step 1

Test your brake pedal for "free play," or a soft, mushy feeling. The Ford F- Series has a power braking system that has occasionally been described as feeling "soft." However, if you find the brake pedal either traveling too far before it reacts, or else sitting abnormally low, proceed with adjusting it.

Step 2

Locate the brake booster rod. This connects to the back of the brake pedal, near the top. It is most accessible from the right hand side. A Ford truck typically has enough cabin room for you to lie on the floor and examine the right side of the brake pedal.

Step 3

Loosen the lock nut nearest the brake pedal with either an open end crescent wrench or a 14mm wrench.

Step 4

Determine which way you need to adjust the brake pedal height. If there is too much free play or the pedal is too low, you need to raise it. If the your brakes shudder or make any unusual noises, you need to lower them.

Step 5

Grab the booster rod with a pair of pliers and twist it. To raise the brake pedal, twist clockwise toward the clutch pedal. To lower the brake pedal, twist counter clockwise toward the gas pedal.

Drive around the block to test your adjustment. Your brake pedal should have a small amount of free play, but be responsive when you step on it.

Items you will need

  • Open-end crescent wrench
  • 14mm wrench
  • Pliers

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