How to Adjust the Boost Turbo

by Emma Green

An engine turbocharger uses boost to increase the power output of the engine, forcing air into the cylinders for a bigger bang when combustion occurs. Change the boost turbo amount on your car's turbocharger to further increase horsepower. Just remember that the other elements in the drivetrain -- clutch, transmission, and engine -- will be placed under added stress as well. Doing this depends on the type of turbo in your car.

Alter the rod length for a standard Wastegate actuator to open the valve, increasing the amount of boost going to the engine. Conversely, close or shorten the valve to decrease the boost for the vehicle.

Look for setting adjustments on the vehicle's regulator valve if your car uses a mechanical control system for the boost pressure. This often involves a knob or dial to adjust the boost on the fly.

Twist the adjustment screw to alter the spring tension in an external Wastegate. Increasing the amount of pressure increases the boost, while the opposite is true as well.


  • check Before starting, check to ensure that the tensioner, chains, valves, and pump timing are working well to prevent any mechanical failures.

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