How to Spool a Turbo

by Dale Yalanovsky
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A turbo is an addition to automobiles to increase the horsepower of the engine. They are powered by scavenged exhaust gases that turn a turbine. The exhaust turbine is connected to an air pump that compresses atmospheric air before it enters the combustion chamber. This action works off the rpm of your engine and the load that the engine is under. The higher the load on the engine, the more exhaust gas available to spin the turbine, the more power that can be obtained.

Automatic Transmissions

Step 1

Place your left foot on the brake, and push firmly.

Step 2

Place your right foot on the gas pedal and depress slightly. If you have a tachometer, put a load on the engine under braking to about 2,000 rpm. This will cause the turbine to spin at twice normal speed and, in essence, be "spooled up."

Release the brake and accelerate with the gas pedal. The turbo will provide extra horsepower for certain situations, such as merging onto the freeway.

Manual Transmissions

Step 1

Push in the clutch, and shift into first gear.

Step 2

Rev the engine up to about the 2,000 rpm line with the gas pedal. Hold it there.

Release the clutch and accelerate away from the 2,000 rpm point.

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