What Adhesive Is Best Used for Car Door Panels?

by Jeffery Keilholtz
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It Depends on What Needs Fixing

What type of adhesive is best depends upon what needs to be fixed. Repairing minor upholstery dings and/or securing old patchwork in a car door panel is possible with a standard 3M spray glue, according to drivers at ZCar. Specialty glues can take a while to become tacky, so seal carefully.

Don't Always Go Cheap

Inexpensive adhesives may save you money--but they may not save your door. Reliable adhesives need to be mixed in equal parts by "a dedicated applicator," states Popular Mechanics. Substantial door panel repairs need professional strength auto body glue and cannot be fixed "with some five-minute epoxy."

Bottom Line

The best adhesive to use on a car door panel is Non-Sag Door Skin Adhesive from Sem, according to Popular Mechanics. Two 7-oz. containers of this adhesive can cost up to $65. Minor fixes may get by on cheap glue, but real repairs require reliable strength. Purchase a decent applicator gun to complete the job.

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