How to Add Oil to a Meyer Snow Plow

by Gus Stephens
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The Meyer DrivePro snow plow is a consumer aftermarket unit that mounts on a variety of four-wheel drive vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs. It's designed for light-duty clearance of snow from road surfaces, parking lots and driveways. The hydraulically-operated DrivePro consists of a moldboard plow, an A-frame for mounting to the vehicle, hydraulic pistons for raising and changing the angle of the plow blade and an electric pump to produce hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system is filled with oil which must be checked and changed regularly as part of a routine maintenance schedule.

Check the Hydraulic Fluid

Step 1

Observe the manufacturer's recommendations for hydraulic fluid. Meyer recommends only Meyer M-1 Hydraulic Fluid and states that substitutions may void the warranty of the DrivePro snow plow. The manufacturer recommends checking the hydraulic fluid level as part of a regular pre-season maintenance program every year. Hydraulic fluid should be changed annually after every plow season.

Step 2

Place the lift ram into the fully down position. With a combination wrench, remove the filler plug on top of the hydraulic pump body, next to the lift ram. The fluid level should be 1-1/2 inches below the filler hole.

Step 3

Add Meyer hydraulic fluid if necessary. Reinstall the filler plug and tighten.

Change the Hydraulic Fluid and Bleed the System

Step 1

Retract the cylinder fully into the hydraulic pump. Remove the drain plug in the side of the pump case with the combination wrench. Drain fluid from the pump either by unbolting the pump unit and pouring it out the drain plug in the side of the pump case, or by removing it with a suction pump. On models without a drain plug, remove the filler plug, turn the pump upside down and drain the fluid out the filler plug.

Step 2

Access the screen-type hydraulic filter by removing the bolt on the side of the pump base next to the drain plug and extracting the filter from the port. Clean the filter with mineral spirits and blow it out with compressed air. Reinstall the filter and tighten the bolt.

Step 3

Pour Meyer M-1 Hydraulic fluid into the filler hole until the fluid level reaches 1-1/2 inches from the top of the filler hole.

Step 4

Loosen the hydraulic fittings at the power angling cylinders until hydraulic fluid dribbles out. Power angle the plow through several back-and-forth cycles until fluid flow from fittings is steady. Keep an eye on the fluid level in the pump during this procedure and top up as required. After the system is bled, make sure the fluid level in pump is within 1-1/2 inches of the top, then reinstall filler plug and tighten.

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