How to Add Antifreeze to a 2000 Chevy Venture

by Tara Kimball

The coolant in your 2000 Chevrolet Venture keeps the engine components cool, protecting the engine from heat damage. You should check the coolant level in your van every time you stop for fuel or check your oil. If the coolant level is low, add coolant right away to help keep your engine running at its best. Chevrolet recommends a 50-50 mixture of Dex-Cool antifreeze and clean water in your Venture.

Raise the hood of your Venture after the engine has cooled completely. Locate the coolant reservoir just above the air cleaner on the driver side of the engine compartment.

Check the coolant level on the reservoir. The level should be even with or just above the "Full Cold" level.

Pull the cover off the reservoir to add coolant. Pour a 50-50 blend of antifreeze and water into the reservoir until the level reaches the "Full Cold" line.

Press the cover back down onto the coolant reservoir and close the hood.

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