How to Activate the Key for a Nissan

by Tiffany Raiford
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Activating, also known as reprogramming, your Nissan keys is a process you can do from the comfort of your own garage since you do have to be in your car for the activation. If you purchase your Nissan from a dealership, you are given two car keys that are already programmed and activated for your Nissan vehicle. If you lose a key, break a key or simply wish to acquire an additional key, you will need to program it to work with your particular Nissan.

Step 1

Get into your Nissan vehicle. Close and lock all the doors.

Step 2

Pull the lever that releases the trunk. Remain seated in your vehicle with all the doors closed and locked.

Step 3

Quickly insert and remove the key into the ignition six consecutive times. This must be done in 10 seconds or less. The interior lights of your Nissan will illuminate once this step is completed successfully.

Step 4

Unlock and re-lock your driver's side door manually, then push any key on your new key fob once. You have now successfully activated and/or reprogrammed your Nissan car keys.

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