An '87 Chevy Silverado's Specifications

by Jhonna Moye
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In 1987, the name "Silverado" described a trim package, or set of options, available for the Chevrolet C/K Half-Ton pickup truck. The Chevy SIlverado became its own model in 1999, when it replaced the Chevy Half-Ton. There were five trim package levels offered in 1987, including the Custom Deluxe, Custom Sport, Scottsdale, Cheyenne and Silverado. The Silverado option provided the most features at the highest quality and was available from 1975 to 1999.


Five, eight-cylinder engines, as well as one six-cylinder type were available for 1987 Chevy pickups. Two of the V-8s were diesel fueled (one produced 148-horsepower and the other produced 135-horsepower), with a displacement of 379-cubic inches. The remaining three, eight-cylinder engine types were a 170-horsepower engine with 305-cubic inches of displacement, a 210-horsepower engine with 350-cubic inches of displacement and a 230-horsepower engine with 454-cubic inches of displacement. The V-6 engine has 155 horsepower and 262-cubic inches of displacement.


There were two manual and two automatic transmission types offered for Chevy pickups in 1987. Both of the manual transmissions were capable of four speeds and one of them had the option for overdrive. The automatic transmissions came with either three or four speeds.

Exterior Features

The Silverado Trim Package included parking lamps on the front of the vehicle that had a unique rectangular shape, as well as nameplates with the Silverado logo. Lip moldings, as well as tailgate and lower body side moldings, were also provided. These were not found in any other trim package for the 1987 Chevy Half-Ton. All external features included in the Custom Deluxe and Scottsdale trim packages were also found in the Silverado package. These features included chrome bumpers and hubcaps, a silver-colored plastic insert for the grill, and silver-colored door handles and side-view mirrors. In 1987, all Chevy Half-Ton models were equipped with the option of either two doors with one row of bench seating or four doors with two rows of bench seating.

Interior Features

Silverado packages included thickly padded seats and a choice between either nylon cloth or vinyl trim for those seats. Carpeting came standard on the floorboard. The dash panel was decorated with a wood-grain design and there were storage pockets in each of the doors. There was also extra insulation added between the body and the interior, as well as on the headliner.

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