7.3 Powerstroke Power Tricks

by Sameca Pandova
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One of the attractive features of Ford's 7.3 Powerstroke engine is the ease with which the engine can develop significantly more power over stock levels. This is accomplished by replacing intake and exhaust components, along with computer tuning.


Opening up the intake on a Powerstroke improves airflow to the engine. A cold air intake replaces the stock plastic tubing, air box and panel filter with a large conical filter with far more surface area. There are a variety of after market kits available that also include heat shields. Although numbers can vary, it is not unreasonable to gain fifteen horsepower and thirty pound feet of torque from replacement of your stock intake system. In addition, the after market intake improves engine efficiency.


Replacing the exhaust on your 7.3 Powerstroke greatly improves engine efficiency by reducing backpressure. There are a variety of exhausts systems available, typically four inch diameter, mandrel bent systems. A free flowing system reduces exhaust gas temperatures and increases both horsepower and torque, and delivers an improved exhaust note.

Power Programming

With the intake and exhaust side of the Powerstroke opened up, you can have your engine preprogrammed to greatly increase horsepower and torque. There are several quality tuners that provide you tuners with power, towing, and economy tunes that can increase power anywhere from 60 to 120 horsepower over stock levels and lower exhaust gas temperatures.

Turbo Replacement

The turbocharger on your Powerstroke is designed with some overhead for improved power, but needs to be replaced if you are looking for more power than simple breathing mods can provide. There are dozens of turbo options available, some of which are simple drop in units.

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