What Is a Free Flow Exhaust?

by Jennifer VanBaren
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A free flow exhaust is a type of system installed in vehicles for increased power and a sporty look. They are designed to remove engine emissions more efficiently than standard exhaust systems.


Free flow exhaust systems are designed for looks and increased efficiency and power in vehicles. They are typically made of 100 percent stainless steel, which offers a nice sporty look. They weigh less than standard exhaust systems, which helps account for increased fuel economy and improvement in acceleration.


Exhaust systems are used for removing spent gas from a vehicle’s engine; therefore exhaust systems play a role in engine tuning and performance. A free flow system allows the spent gas to exit the vehicle more efficiently by changing the pipes used in the system and installing an intercooler between the engine and the exhaust.


With a free flow exhaust system, a smoother removal of spent gas is offered. Because of this, vehicle owners notice an improvement in the overall way their vehicle runs. These systems promote better gas mileage and increased acceleration as well.

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