6.2 Diesel Lifespan Problems

by Amy Rodriguez

Diesel engines provide durability and torque for maneuvering and hauling with a pickup truck. Truck enthusiasts may replace their gas engines with diesel engines, such as a 6.2-L diesel. However, this engine can develop lifespan problems.


A 6.2-L diesel engine was a stock engine used in General Motors light-duty trucks between 1982 and 1993. The engine became very popular with engine mechanics because of its simple design, reliability and inexpensive price.

Lifespan Problems

Consistent maintenance is a key factor to lengthen the lifespan of a 6.2-L diesel engine. The unique composition of diesel fuel makes it appealing to microbes, especially if water has infiltrated the fuel tank. The microbe activity creates sludge and slime that adheres to the parts of the fuel system. Glow plugs help the engine start on a cold day. The engine may not crank if one or more of the plugs are damaged or covered in carbon build-up.


Change the oil at the recommended intervals and inspect the fuel tank and lines for any sludge accumulation. Before winter settles in, check the glow plugs and verify that they are functional for cold-morning engine cranking.

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