2004 Polaris Vertical Escape Specs

by Brianna Collins
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Perhaps most famous for its lineup of snowmobiles, Polaris has been manufacturing commercial recreational vehicles since the 1950s. One of its most popular snowmobiles is the RMK series, with Polaris releasing new models as late as 2011. In 2004, the RMK, which was also known as the Vertical Escape or Vertical Edge, came in three different trims. These snowmobiles are still available on the second-hand market, in 2010.

600 RMK

The least powerful trim, the 600 RMK is equipped with a two-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 599 cc (36.55 cubic inches), a bore and stroke of 3.04 by 2.52 inches and an idle rpm of 1500. The engine also has a single rack Mikuni carburetor, model TM38.

700 RMK

Similar in design to the 600 RMK, the 700 trim is Polaris' mid-range Vertical Escape. Its two-cylinder engine has a displacement of exactly 701 cc (42.78 cubic inches), a bore and stroke of 3.19 by 2.68 inches, and an idle rpm of about 1500. Like the RMK 600, it also has a Mikuni carburetor, the TM40.

800 RMK

The largest and most powerful of the 2004 Vertical Escape trims, the 800 RMK also features a two-cylinder engine, this time with an exact displacement of 794 cc (48.45 cubic inches), a bore and stroke of 3.35 by 2.76 inches, and an idle rpm of 1500. Like all RMK engines, it features a single rack Mikuni carburetor, model TM40 like the 700.

Other Systems and Transmission

Engineering systems featured in all 2004 RMK trims are a liquid cooling system and VES oil injection. Other systems include a digital ignition and a transmission with electronic reverse capabilities. All models in the series carry Champion RN57YCC spark plugs.

Chassis, Suspension, Brakes

Built on Edge bodies, all RMK trims come with Polaris' Edge RMK front suspension system with Nitrex shocks. In the rear, they feature a similar Edge RMK suspension, this time with Sel shocks. Additionally, all 2004 RMKs have a hydraulic braking system.

Measurements and Capacities

The smallest RMK 600 trim weighs 493 pounds without fuel and measures 121.5 inches in length, 45.5 in width, and 48.0 in height. The RMK 700 is larger, at 507 pounds, measuring 121.5 by 45.5 by 48.0 inches. The 800 is the largest trim, weighing 518 pounds and measuring 128 by 45.5 by 48.0 inches. All have a fuel tank capacity of 11.8 pounds and can seat only one rider.


2004 RMK trims all come with certain standard features, including a low-oil light, a parking brake, a five-inch speedometer and a five-inch tachometer. An electric fuel gauge is available as an accessory, while an electronic starter is optional.

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