2002 Hyundai Alternator Installation

by Don Bowman

The 2002 Hyundai alternator pivots with the use of a top adjusting bolt. This bolt, when loosened, allows the alternator to pivot within a slotted alternator mounting bracket, thus tightening or loosening the accessory drive belt. Always check the placard on the alternator case for the amperage rating. Alternators are model- and equipment-specific to a degree. The amperage output will be higher than the standard alternator when power windows, seats, air conditioning and other options are present.


Disconnect the negative battery terminal, using a wrench. Loosen the alternator's top adjuster bolt and the lower mounting bolt, using a wrench. Push the alternator in toward the center of the engine to loosen the serpentine belt. Lift the belt off the alternator pulley, but do not remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys.


Remove the plastic electrical plug on the rear side of the alternator by simply pulling it out. Remove the larger battery cable that can be seen on the back of the alternator, using a wrench to remove the nut and lift the wire off the terminal.


Remove the two bolts securing the alternator to the mounting bracket and remove the alternator.


Install the new alternator by threading the top and bottom securing bolts into the mounting bracket by hand. Do not tighten them yet.


Install the large battery cable on the terminal on the back of the alternator. Screw on and tighten the nut.


Push the plastic electrical plug into the back of the alternator. Place the serpentine belt on the alternator pulley. Pull the alternator up and out to apply tension on the belt. While holding the tension on the alternator, tighten the adjuster bolt on top.


Tighten the lower alternator mounting bolt, using a wrench. Install the negative terminal on the battery and tighten with a wrench.

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