2001 Kawasaki KX 65 Fluid Specs

by Giovanni BadalamentiUpdated October 25, 2017
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Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA manufactures motocross bikes, small engines, watercraft, ATVs, and utility vehicles. Their first motocross bikes were small two-strokes sold under the brand name Omega. U.S. riders craved more power and excitement, so the engineers designed a pair of potent rotary valve twins called the Samurai and Avenger.


The liquid-cooled KX65 engine requires 0.4 L of a 50/50 coolant and water mixture. The large radiator assures an even temperature control, which ensures consistently strong power output.


The service manual explains that the KX65's six-speed transmission holds 0.5L of transmission fluid.


The 64.7 cc, two-stroke engine holds 0.6L of class SE, SF or SG 10W30 viscosity oil and 1.0 gallon of unleaded fuel.

Kawasaki Racing Team

The official 2011 Monster Energy Kawasaki race teams included riders Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Dean Wilson, Broc Tickle, Tyla Rattray, Josh Hansen, Blake Baggett, Destry Abbott, Justin Soule, Taylor Robert, Bryan Smith, JR Schnabel, Henry Wiles, and Chad George.


The Kawasaki KX 65 is an idea mini-motocross for training. The light-weight Tensile Steel frame is durable and able to withstand the rigor of young riders honing their skills before graduating to the larger displacement motocross bikes.

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