1999 Yamaha Vmax Snowmobile Specifications

by Brianna Collins
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Yamaha had about 15 years of snowmobile manufacturing experience under its belt when it released the Vmax make of snowmobile in 1983. Eleven years later, Yamaha replaced the original model engine with either a 600 cc or 500 cc engine. This new design lasted through 1999, when the the Vmax 600 cc engine came in three different trims: the standard Vmax 600 (VX600), the 600 Deluxe (VX600ER) and the 600 SX (VX600SXB).

Vmax 600 Engineering

The standard 1999 VX600 featured a two-stroke, two-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 2.94 x 2.68 inches and a displacement of 36.5 cubic inches. It also featured a liquid cooling system, a manual recoil starter and a Mikuni TM36 X 2 carburetor.

VX600ER and VX600SXB Engineering

In contrast, the VX600ER and the VX600SXB each came equipped with a two-stroke, three-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 2.56 x 2.35 inches and a displacement of 36.2 cubic inches. Both also featured a manual recoil starter, a liquid cooling system and a Mikuni TM31 X 3.


Though all 1999 Vmax 600 trims featured an automatic centrifugal engagement transmission, performance specs varied between the VX600 and the VX600ER/SXB. The VX600 had an engagement speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), a shift speed of 7,800 rpm and a reduction ratio of 39:23. The ER and SXB trims also exhibited an engagement speed of 4,000 rpm but shifted at 8,500 rpm and had a reduction ratio of 39:21.

Drive Track/Suspension

Consistent across all 1999 trims, the VX600, the ER and the SXB all featured molded rubber tracks that measured 15 inches in width and 29.6 inches in length, and were reinforced with fiberglass rods. All '99 Vmax trims also featured a slide rail suspension system. The standard VX600 and the VX600ER were equipped with with a quadruple polyethylene drive sprocket with nine teeth, while the VX400SXB came with a double polyethylene sprocket with nine teeth plus guides.


All Vmax 600 trims extended to 108.7 inches in length. The VX600 and VX600ER measured 47.2 inches wide, with the VX600SXB slightly less at 46.1 inches. The VX600 stood 48.4 inches tall, shorter than the VX600ER at 51.2 inches but taller than the VX600SXB's 42.7-inch height. At 534 pounds minus fuel, the VX600ER was the heaviest Vmax 600, while the Vmax SXB weighed 498 pounds and the standard Vmax weighed 483. All featured a fuel tank capacity of 11.7 gallons and an oil tank capacity of 3.2 quarts.

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