1998 Palomino Pop-Up Specs

by Michael Scarn

The Palomino Camping Trailer company has been manufacturing camping pop-up tent trailers since 1968. Based in Colon, Michigan, the company introduced a "Fold-a-Wall" series of tent trailers that is still in production today because of its popularity. There were several different tent trailer models produced in 1998, including the Colt, Filly, Mustang, Pinto, Pony and Stallion.

Size, Weight and Capacity

The Colt was 16 feet 11 inches long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It had a base weight of 1,215 lbs. and could sleep up to six individuals. The Filly was 22 feet 3 inches long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It weighed 1,655 lbs. and could also sleep up to six individuals. The Mustang was 24 feet long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It has a weight of 1,760 lbs. and holds up to eight people. The Pinto was 18 feet 5 inches long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It could hold up to six people and weighed 1,275 lbs. The Pony was 16 feet 11 inches long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It held six individuals and was 1,180 lbs. Finally, the Stallion was 18 feet 5 inches long and 7 feet 1 inch wide. It weighs 1,465 lbs. and held up to six people.

Appliance, Air Conditioning and Suspension Options

All six of these pop-up tent models were offered with a variety of options that the purchaser could choose to include or exclude from his tent. An air conditioner and heater were offered. If a heater was chosen, the buyer could select either a 18 BTU unit that was equipped with an electric starter or an electric start 16 BTU unit. Furnaces were also offered with these models. Like the heaters, two models were offered: one that provided between 13,000 to 17,000 BTU and another that had a 10,000 to 12,000 BTU capacity. All trailers came with either a 2.5 cubic foot or 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator. They were also offered with a water and propane system and a six gallon water heater. These tents could also be equipped with electric brakes or hydraulic surge brakes.

Entertainment and Jack Options

Each of these tents was offered with some type of entertainment package. The packages offered were an AM/FM cassette stereo system, AM/FM/CD stereo system, DVD player, 10-inch color television and a 13-inch color television. These tents could also be equipped with a television antenna with a booster and a VCR/VCP player. The tents also came with one of three jack options, which were a cran- down stabilizer jack, portable camper jack or a power lift.

Miscellaneous Options

Palomino gave its buyers a wide selection of other optional features to include on their pop-up tent. These features included an awning, a 12-volt electric roof lift system, front storage box, manual roof lift system, outdoor grill, outside shower, rear bike rack, roof rack and a screen room that ranged from 7 feet long to 12 feet long. The trailers also came with an optional spare tire, spare tire carrier and travel toilet.

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