1995 Bayliner Trophy Boat Specs

by James Nalley
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The Trophy Boat was a series of fiberglass-hulled, sport-fishing boats manufactured by the Bayliner division of the Brunswick Corporation. In 1995, six Trophy Boat Models (1703, 1802, 2002, 2003, 2302 and 2502) were offered in five different lengths that could accommodate two passengers as well as a variety of equipment.


The 1995 Bayliner Trophy Boats offered a number of amenities for the sport-fisherman, including a forward cabin with V-berth, Porta-Potty, rod lockers, an in-deck fishbox and an aerated live well. The larger models included extra amenities, such as built-in tables and sleeping areas.


The 1995 Bayliner Trophy boats accommodated a variety of Force and Mercury Marine outboard engines. The minimum outboard engine required for the boats was the 70-horsepower Force on the 1703 Trophy, with a maximum of a 175-horsepower Mercury Marine on the 2002 and 2302 models. The 2502 model accommodated twin outboard engines that ranged from 150 to 175 horsepower each.


The dimensions of the 1995 Bayliner Trophy boats ranged from a length of 17.08 feet with a beam of 83 inches for the 1703 model to 24.58 feet and 102 inches, respectively, for the 2502 model. The overall weight ranged from 1,610 pounds for the 1703 Trophy Boat to 5,560 pounds for the 2502 Trophy Boat.

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