1994 Ford Tempo Fluid Specifications

by John Walker
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The 1994 Ford Tempo provided two options for engines; the 3.0L six-cylinder and the 2.3L four-cylinder gasoline engines. The engines have some similarity, but mostly come with different specifications. Neither engine came with all-wheel or four-wheel drive, meaning that factory recommendations for fluid levels and types only include the engine oil, transmission and hydraulic systems.

Engine Oil

Ford recommends 5 quarts of SAE 5w20 engine oil in the 2.4L engine and 4.6 quarts of the same oil in the 3.0L. Both measurements include a filter change. An engine oil additive geared at reconditioning seals prolongs the life of the engine and maintains performance. Using a high-mileage or synthetic oil when changing the oil also ensures the engine remains properly lubricated.


Both manual and automatic transmissions use synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with total fill measuring 8.6 quarts in both. Always check the transmission fluid with the engine warm and running. Add as necessary until the fluid is between the full marks on the transmission dipstick. Allow any added fluid to drain into the transmission for a full minute before checking.

Hydraulic Systems

The brake, clutch, and power steering systems are the only hydraulic systems on the Tempo. Use DOT-3 brake fluid for both the clutch and brake systems. Ford recommends standard power steering fluid on the power steering system. All three systems use a fill reservoir marked with full lines. Do not overfill the systems, and make sure they remain full if you have to bleed any of the systems.

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