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1993 Chevy 350 Specs

by Justin Cupler

When Chevy first released the Camaro in 1967, the auto maker also released the 350-cubic-inch engine. Throughout its life, the 350 -- also known as a 5.7-liter -- saw use in many different cars, trucks and SUVs. In 1993, Chevy used the 350 in six different vehicles: the C/K3500, G30 van, Suburban, Blazer, Camaro Z28 and Corvette. The 1993 350 came in three types: low compression, medium compression and high compression.

Low Compression

This version of the 1993 350-cubic-inch engine came in the C/K3500, Suburban 1500, G30 van and Blazer. This engine had a 4-inch bore, a 3.48-inch stroke and an 8.6-to-1 compression ratio. This version of the 350 came equipped with electronic fuel injection. It produced 190 horsepower and 300 foot-lbs. of torque.

Medium Compression

The medium-compression 350, used in the 1993 Suburban 2500 and 1993 Blazer, had a 4-inch bore, a 3.48-inch stroke and a 9.3-to-1 compression ratio. This engine received fuel via electronic fuel injection. It produced 210 horsepower and 300 foot-lbs. of torque.

High Compression

The high-compression version of the 1993 350 came in the Camaro Z28 and Corvette. Each model's 350 had a 4-inch bore, 3.48-inch stroke and a 10.5-to-1 compression ratio. The 1993 Camaro Z28's 350, equipped with multiport fuel injection, produced 275 horsepower and 325 foot-lbs. of torque. The Corvette's 350 had sequential electronic fuel injection and produced 300 horsepower and 340 foot-lbs. of torque.

About the Author

Justin Cupler is a professional writer who has been published on several websites including CarsDirect and Cupler has worked in the professional automotive repair field as a technician and a manager since 2000. He has a certificate in broadcast journalism from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Cupler is currently studying mechanical engineering at Saint Petersburg College.

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