1992 Ford Econoline Specifications

by Brian Vaughan

The 1992 Ford Econoline van is available in seven models. These models include the E150, E250, E250 HD, E250 Super, E250 HD Super, E350 and E350 Super. The Econoline models retailed for between $14,960 and $17,384 when they came out. In late 2010, Kelley Blue Book values the 1992 Econoline at between $1,700 and $1,875.


All 1992 Econoline models are 79.5 inches wide. The Super models are 231.8 inches long, while all other models are 211.8 inches long. The E150 is 81 inches tall, the 350 models are 84.1 inches tall, and all other models are 83.4 inches tall. The wheelbase is 138 inches. The front track measures 69.4 inches and the rear track is 67 inches.


Each of the Econoline models has room for two passengers and cargo. Headroom measures 42.6 inches and legroom is 39.6 inches. Shoulder room is 68.6 inches and hip room is 65.7 inches.


The E150 has a 4.9-liter I6 engine with 145 horsepower. All other models feature a 4.9-liter I6 engine with 150 horsepower. A three-speed automatic overdrive transmission comes standard, though you can choose a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission instead. The bore and stroke measure 4.00 inches and 3.98 inches. The compression ratio is 8.8 to one and engine displacement is 4,917 cc.


The Econoline models take unleaded fuel and contain a 22-gallon tank. The E150 gets 14 mpg in the city and 16 mpg on the highway. All of the other 1992 models get 14 mpg in the city and 15 mpg on the highway.


The E150 weighs 4,475 lbs. and the E250 weighs 4,880 lbs. The E250 Super HD weighs 4,920 lbs., while the E250 HD Super is 5,120 lbs. The E250 Super weighs in at 4,975 lbs. The E350 weighs 5,005 lbs. and the E350 Super weighs 5,155 lbs.

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