1987 Yamaha Warrior Specs

by Nicholas Pell

The Yamaha Warrior will forever occupy a place in the history of four-wheel all-terrain vehicles. It was the first sport ATV with an electric starting mechanism and is the best selling sport ATV of all time. For those interested in purchasing a used 1987 Yamaha Warrior, it is worth knowing not just what the specifications, or "specs," are, but also what they mean.


The 1987 Yamaha Warrior is a four-stroke, single-overhead cam engine. The size of the engine is 348 cubic centimeters. A four-stroke engine means a longer engine life. Four-stroke engines also provide greater efficiency with lubricating oil than two-stroke engines as well as with gasoline consumption, leading to less pollution. The single-overhead camshaft means there is only one camshaft driving the pistons, and it sits over the engine. This results in a lighter valve train weight leading to increased performance over some dual-overhead camshafts.


The 1987 Yamaha Warrior was the first sport ATV to use an electric starter instead of a kick starter. Both types of starters work the same way, spinning the engine's flywheel to start it. However, the electric starter is easier to use. Whereas a kick starter requires the physical activity of literally kicking the starter, an electric starter can start with the mere push of a button. This is a real time and energy saver when you have an engine that doesn't always start on the first try.


The 1987 Yamaha Warrior comes with a chain drive system. These systems are standard in dirt bikes, which the Warrior is similar to. Chain drives also provide greater engine power to the wheels than other systems, such as belt drives and shaft drives. This is what makes them so popular, not just with dirt bike and ATV enthusiasts, but motorbike fans in general. The chain drive comes with the down side of being hard to maintain. After putting gas in your tank, you will probably spend more time cleaning and maintaining the links on your chain than any other part of the Yamaha Warrior.


The wheelbase of the 1987 Yamaha Warrior is 48 inches. This means that there is a distance of 48 inches between the centers of two wheels parallel to one another. Wheelbase is an indicator of how quickly your bike can turn and how stable it is. Bikes with shorter wheelbases turn faster while bikes with longer wheelbases are more stable.

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