1986 Ford Ranger Specs

by Cathel Hutchison
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The Ford Ranger is a pickup truck manufactured by Ford Motor Company that was first introduced to the market in 1983. The Ranger replaced the earlier Ford Courier as the company's premium compact pickup, and was the best selling compact pickup in the US between 1987 and 2004. The 1986 model of the Ford Ranger offers similar specifications to the earlier models released, except that a 2.9 liter turbo diesel model was released that year.

General Engine Specifications

There were three engine types available in 1986 for the Ford Ranger. The first was an in-line four cylinder 2.0 liter engine, with carburetor. The second was a 2.3 liter, turbo diesel, four cylinder engine. The third engine available was the powerful V6 cylinder, 2.9 liter engine, which replaced the earlier 2.8 liter engine.


The 2.0 liter version of the Ford Ranger, available in 1986, was able to produce a power output of 73 horsepower (hp) at 4000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 107 Newton meter (Nm) at 2400 rpm. The 2.3 liter V.I.N. ID.-A engine available for the Ford Ranger was able to produce 79 bhp at 3800 rpm, and a maximum torque of 124 Nm at 2200 rpm. The 2.9 liter V.I.N. ID.-T engine was the most powerful available in the Ford Ranger as of 1986, and was able to generate a power output of 140 hp at 4600 rpm, and a maximum torque of 170 Nm at 2600 rpm.

Transmission and Fuel System

1986 models of the Ford Ranger had four speed automatic transmission, or five speed manual transmissions. All models used an electric fuel injection system.

Other Features

Several body types were available for the 1986 version of the Ford Ranger. The standard cab models were available with six-foot and seven-foot beds, while the Supercab version was only available with a six-foot bed. However, the Supercab version has 17 inches of storage space behind the front seats, providing space for two optional jump seats.

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