1980 Chevrolet C10 Truck Specifications

by Henri Bauholz
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1980 turned out to be an ominous year for American pickup manufacturers. Due to a national energy crisis, overall pickup sales were down 50 percent from the banner year of 1978. Further difficulties were encountered by Chevrolet, whose once-popular trucks were now being outsold by Ford.


In 1980, Chevrolet made several styles of pickup trucks, including the C10, K10 and S10. These pickups were rated as half-ton vehicles, but the S10 body was definitely smaller than the C10 or K10. The main difference between the C10 and K10 was in the drive train, for the C10 had two-wheel drive (2WD), while the K10 had 4WD.


Numerous six and eight cylinder engines were available for 1980 C10 pickups. All except the 5.7 liter diesel, featured gasoline combustion. Of the two six-cylinder engines, the 4.1 liter, two-barrel six was much more prominent than the 4.8 liter one barrel. Among the seven gasoline-burning V-8 choices, the 5.0 liter, two-barrel and the 5.7 liter four-barrel were most often included in a new purchase..


In 1980, the C10 pickup came with either a short or long bed. The short bed had a wheelbase of 117.5 inches, while with the long bed truck it was expanded to 131.5 inches.

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