1985 Suzuki 50 Quadrunner Factory Specs

by James Nalley
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The Quadrunner 50, also known as the LT50, is an all-terrain-vehicle that was manufactured by the Suzuki Motor Company. After the introduction of the industry's first four-wheeler in 1983, the Quadrunner 50 was offered in 1984, which was especially designed for younger riders with special features such as smaller controls and safety features.


The Suzuki LT50 includes a two-stroke, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 49 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 5.6:1. It also provides one-speed transmission and automatic clutch to eliminate shifting and clutch coordination.


The Suzuki LT50 is designed for younger riders and includes several safety features such as an ignition-cutoff tether line, which allows an adult to stop engine operation by pulling the tether line, and a built-in throttle-limit system, which limits engine power output. It also includes child-sized controls for optimum control.

Weight and Capacities

The Suzuki LT50 has an approximate dry weight of 106 lbs. and fuel tank capacity of 0.7 gallons. Other fluid capacities include 0.5 qt. of engine oil and 16.9 oz. of transmission fluid.

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