1979 El Camino Specifications

by Warren Davies
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The 1979 El Camino, Spanish for "the road," is a classic Chevrolet in a line of cars that began production in 1959. The 1979 El Camino saw no major style changes, possibly because only a year before in 1978 the car was redesigned.


The 1979 El Camino is a combination sedan-pickup, designed to combine comfort and handling with utility.


A powerful V-8 engine that displaces at 350 cubic inches (5,735 cubic centimeters) powers the 1979 El Camino and puts out 170 horsepower. This was the last year to feature this engine, with 1980 models and later fitted with a 305 cubic inch (4,998 cc) engine.


Because of rising fuel prices, engine options were available on the 1979, including a small-block 267 cubic inch V-8 and even a 201 cubic inch (3,300 cc) V-6, which limited the vehicle's capabilities as a pickup.


At the front are Global West front control arms with gas shocks, and in the rear are Global West rear lower control arms and gas shocks.

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