1978 Chevrolet Truck Specs

by Karen Taylor

The first Chevrolet truck was introduced in 1924. Models went by the name C/K; "C" stood for two-wheel drive, and "K" stood for four-wheel drive. In 1999, the Chevy truck was renamed the Silverado. The 1978 Chevy truck was part of the third generation of trucks produced.

Model and Production

Chevy trucks from 1973 to 1987 are often referred to as the "rounded line" of models. In 1978, Chevy changed the frame to accommodate catalytic converters. This was the final year that power windows were offered, and a fuel door was added later in the year. The 1978 Chevy truck has a 13-number vehicle identification number. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive trucks were available. In 1978, all models got new flashy trim panels and flat stainless hubcaps. Trucks were produced at plants across the United States, and in Chile and Argentina.


Engine options in 1978 for Chevy trucks included the 250 I-6, which provided 105 horsepower; the 292 I-6 with 120 horsepower; the 250 V-8 with 175 horsepower; or the 400 V-8, which provided 185 horsepower. Three-speed manual transmissions, four-speed manual transmissions and three-speed automatics were available.


The 1978 Chevy truck --- with a 6-foot bed --- was 191.3 inches long, 65.8 inches wide and about 69.8 inches in height. Wheelbase clocked in at 117.5 inches.

Layout and Features

Check trucks in 1978 featured sliding rear window, cruise control, inside hood release, tilt steering wheel, rear step bumper, full size spare, power steering, windshield antenna and B-Eye mirror. The fuel tank can hold approximately 16 gallons. The top edge of the fenders are typically prone to rust, as are the rocker panels under the doors.

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