1965 Chevrolet C10 Truck Factory Specs

by Brooke Ashley
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The 1965 Chevrolet C10 Truck was built with durable components and iconic styling. Primarily used for hauling up to half a ton of material, this truck is now a popular choice for collectors and car restorers. Whitewall tires and stainless steel trim added to the iconic look of this flat bed truck.


The original engine on the Chevy C10 was a 230 cubic-inch six cylinder, which could reach 165 horsepower. The forward shifting, three-gear manual transmission was nicknamed “three to the tree” because of it’s characteristics. A transmission option for the 1965 C10 was overdrive, which allowed the gears to rev at a higher speed through shifting. Rear brakes were standard in this vehicle. The front suspension system featured coil springs. Today, this truck is often customized with more powerful engine and performance components to enhance acceleration and performance.


Standard factory-installed features for the Chevy C10 included four-way flashing lights, self-canceling turn signals and tilt steering. Air conditioning and an AM radio were also standard for this truck. The dash was crafted from metal and featured knobs for a cigar lighter and glove box lock. The seats were bucket-style and the interior colors included black and tan.


On the 1965 Chevy C10, the wheels were painted the same color as the truck's body. Wheels also featured dog-dish hubcaps and whitewall trim. Stainless steel bed rail and windshield trim added bits of flash to the exterior. Because of rust over time, the body is often partially or fully restored by C10 enthusiasts. Exterior factory colors included sky blue, cream and white. White bumpers and grille paint were standard, and are often modified with chrome parts.

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