How to Find the Year & Make of a Chevy Engine

by Stefan Kohut
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All Chevrolet engines are stamped with an ID code. This code allows users to track when and where their Chevy engine was made. The ID code was principally used by manufacturers for quality control, however for an individual the ID code can provide valuable information and financial benefits. Knowing where to find the ID codes on engines and driveline parts enables the owner or potential purchaser to verify that the car is in its original condition. This is important as vehicles containing original parts (that are in working order) proven by matching numbers are of higher value, reports "Sports Car Market Magazine" columnist John Draneas.

Find Your Chevy Engine ID Code

Step 1

Open the hood.

Step 2

Consult your owner’s manual to determine the engine type. You can also use your vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN). Input it into an online VIN decoder (link in references). You can also decode the VIN yourself using a VIN decoder guide. The decoded VIN will provide you with your engine type and make.

Step 3

Find your engine ID code. The engine ID code for a Chevy six cylinder is found on the machined pad behind the distributor on the passenger side. For a small-block V-8, the ID code is on the machined pad in front of the cylinder head on the passenger side. For a big-block V-8, the ID code is above the timing-chain cover.

Step 4

Decipher your engine's ID code. The ID code is broken down into a prefix and suffix. The prefix tells you the assembly plant and the engine's production date. The suffix tells you the original model year, engine, transmission and vehicle model the engine was intended for.

An example Chevy engine ID code is H0428CML. The prefix, H0428, translates into H for Hydramatic, 04 for April, and 28 for the 28th day. The suffix, CML, tells you that the engine was for a 1975 Camaro with a cubic inch displacement of 350, high performance 155 with four barrels.

Use the site link in the reference section to decipher your Chevy engine code.

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