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XR 80 Specifications

by John London

The Honda XR 80 is a single-cylinder four-stroke off-road motorcycle produced between 1979 and 2003. During the 24 years it was in production, the bike underwent numerous changes. Still, an 80 cc engine and a weight of about 150 lbs. remained standard in the XR 80 throughout the years, making it one of the lightest bikes ever produced by Honda.


The engine of the 2003 Honda XR 80 is very small. A 47.5 mm bore and a 45.0 mm stroke result in a displacement of just 80 cc (cubic centimeters). The engine features a 9.7 to 1 compression ratio. The engine comes with a SOHC valvetrain with two valves. The bike has a five-speed transmission and a CDI ignition.

Dimensions and Capacities

Being a small bike, it is no surprise that the 2003 Honda XR 80 has rather small measurements and capacities. The bike weighs just 70 kg, or 154 lbs. The wheelbase is 1168 mm, or 47.6 inches, long. The seat is 726 mm, or 28.6 inches, high while the ground clearance measures 205 mm, or 8.1 inches. The 2003 XR 80 is fitted with a 5.7 liter, or 1.5 gallon, fuel tank.

Other Specifications

The 2003 Honda XR 80 is equipped with a 27 mm leading-axle fork front suspension with 140 mm, or 5.5 inches, of wheel travel, and a prolink single-shock rear suspension with a 109 mm, or 4.3 inch, wheel travel. The bike has a rather small 2.50 by 16 inch front tire and a 3.60 by 14 inch back tire. The motorcycle comes in the color red.

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