How to Wire a Kicker Subwoofer

by Tyson Simmons

A Kicker subwoofer can turn a vehicle sound system with terrible quality into an amazing system. A standard stereo system can't put out even close to the amount of bass that a system with a subwoofer can. Wiring a Kicker subwoofer is a great alternative to installing another brand. Kickers have the reputation of putting out more DBs with less interference, and lasting much longer than other competing brands.

Purchase an amplifier that will put out enough amperage for your Kicker subwoofer.

Mount the amplifier in an enclosed location such as under a seat. Do this using screws or zip-ties. Make sure that it is very secure.

Place the subwoofer in the desired location. Ensure that it is placed solidly in its box, and will not slide around or move.

Run standard audio and power wiring from your stereo system to the amplifier. Run the wiring through doors and under floors to keep it out of view and to prevent shorts from forming. Take any excess wiring and bundle and tie it. Twist and solder wire ends.

Run audio and power wiring from the amplifier to the subwoofer. Twist and solder wire ends.

Test your stereo system with the new additions, and make adjustments to the stereo and amplifier settings as desired.


  • check The quality of amplifier you purchase can make a big difference in the quality of sound you can get from your Kicker subwoofer.


  • close Always use caution when working around live electrical ends.

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